UKISC Online Collaboration platform will facilitate Startups, Investors, Advisors and Partners to collaborate real time and engage with each other to bring the best of both worlds together



Our vision is to build innovative communities and startup culture
to transform future of UK-India


To build a seamless connection  between UK and Indian startup communities by providing a platform to connect, collaborate, innovate and grow together


1. To provide a platform for UK and India  start-ups to pitch ideas, solve problems and set up business in UK and India
2. To connect start-up ecosystems of UK and India
3. To connect startups in UK and India to collaborate, innovate and grow together
4. To provide access to funds, angels investors, VCs  from UK and India to startups in both countries
5. To provide seamless access to UK and India market for startups to test and launch products and services


“With India having best of talent & worlds biggest market in internet penetration of users and Uk with best of the startup ecosystem & Financial hub, startups in both countries explore synergies together for the mutual benefit and grow together more strongly than ever.
This collaboration of startup communities and ecosystem as a whole will enable the exchange of Ideas and talent, Access to Funds, Access to Market for doing business and Sharing of infarstrure can lead to a massive push for startup in both countries to grow together.
Purpose of formation of this community group is to facilitate that exchange of cultures, talent, resources, ideas, capital and infarstrure through directly connecting these communities together creating open, transparent and collaborative culture and environment helping to innovate & grow together “

Who Can Join ?

  • Startups looking to pilot their products in UK/India 
  • Startups looking for technology collaborations with UK & Indian startups 
  • Startups who want to start a business in UK & India 
  • Startups who want legal assistance in starting & doing business in UK & India
  • Startups who want to market, distribute their products in UK & India 
  • Startups who want to hire technology resources, CTOs from UK & India
  • Startups looking to pitch in front of IUK & Indian Angel Investors 
  • Startups looking to raise venture funding with UK & Indian VCs